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Les frères: Fons, Frans, Charles, Adriaan, Louis, Vic et Jef ont appris l’élevage des pigeons par leur père Henri; on peut voir la salle de séjour, le colombier d’élevage et un des colombiers de jeu des Frères Janssen au Descheemaecker Pigeon Center en hommage à la famille et à la souche. Everyone knows what the Janssen pigeons did after the "Oude Merckx", and his fabulous sons made their mark in racing and breeding; but where did they come from? Did the Brothers just get lucky breeding birds from several lofts to make their elite pigeons? No, not in the least. The old line Janssens were there, tearing up the best of their day. Large selection of racing pigeons imported from Europe. Youngbirds and breeders are available from many of the popular champion lofts. Also hosts futurity races.

Arendonk is a small town in the Antwerp Kempen region, but it is world-renowned in international pigeon racing. Any respected fancier that has ever come to Belgium, payed a visit to Arendonk for sure. It were the Janssen brothers who stole the show for the most part. They are world-renowned for the pigeons. Pigeon racing is the sport of releasing specially trained racing pigeons, which then return to their homes over a carefully measured distance. The time it takes the animal to cover the specified distance is measured and the bird's rate of travel is calculated and compared with all of the other pigeons in the race to determine which animal.

Janssen and van Loon racing pigeon sales have steadily been on the increase in Durban, South Africa. As the sport has been gaining recognition and attracting interest, so to have racing pigeon sales. Mark Raubenheimer has an impressive collection of these famous birds at his Mount Moreland lofts. Over the years he blended top Janssen pigeons, until his passing in 1991. after acquiring his Janssen’s in 1991 and bringing them to Canada, hundreds of lofts rose to the top, producing thousands of winners from club level to combine; to A.U. and I.F. convention winners, one loft, futurity winners and overall ace pigeons.

Without question the number 1 racing pigeon strain in the world is the strain developed by the Janssen Brothers from Arendonk, Belgium. It is a unique inbred family of pigeons that helped shape the pigeon sport, worldwide, after the second world war. rockypoint racing pigeons. racing pigeons from the best bloodlines in the world rockypoint pigeons 951 657 9882 kevin@ text-714 308 9563:. she is 100 % roland janssen. roland is known to breed the fastest colored pigeons in the world. these are whites bred to win. we get some pure white some white grizzles from this pair.

Please note that we need to send pigeons to UK safe loft cooperating with Chris Schutz ¬ Importer in Australia. As pigeons need to be resident 6 months in the UK we will move pigeons as soon as possible and we request full payment prior before shipping to the UK. The shipping can also be fully under control of the buyer. Original 1984 Janssen Brothers Arendonk Pigeon H. Original 1984 Janssen Brothers Arendonk Pigeon the story of three janssen brothers of arendonk belgium with backgrounds on their birds - the janssen strain that has molded the sport into. healthy pigeons by ludwig schrag, top book on all ailments and treatments of racing pigeons. fan tails.

The origin of the Janssen strain. Without question the number 1 racing pigeon strain in the world is the strain developed by the Janssen Brothers from Arendonk, Belgium. It is a unique inbred family of pigeons that helped shape the pigeon sport, worldwide, after the second world war. Double T Lofts. We have 3-basic families of breeders: 1 Ariel-Tournier, based on “Ariel” the 1996 1st National Ace All Holland for One day Long Distance Races; 2 Janssen, which includes many of the various Janssen families. up with the Janssen pigeons in hard and bright weather, but never have I found a pigeon that was actually better than them! These are the words of a fancier who has been dominating The Netherlands for years with his outstanding Janssen pigeons! In pigeon racing, the name of Janssen from Arendonk crops up more than any other. The History of the Belgium Racing Pigeon: The Janssen Brothers - Arendonk BE It is not our intention to write again about this famous loft. The Janssen Brothers do not need any further advertisement—their publicity is well taken care of by their great. The van Loon pigeons also showed that they made excellent crossing material with any of the other inbred strains, but especially with the Janssen pigeons. As a result the van Loon strain grew to be one of the most influential strains in the history of the racing pigeons sport.

JANSSEN - ARENDONK. Without question the number 1 racing pigeon strain in the world is the strain developed by the Janssen Brothers from Arendonk, Belgium. It is a unique inbred family of pigeons that helped shape the pigeon sport, worldwide, after the Second World War. Since the age of eight, it’s been racing pigeons that have “floated my boat.” Over the past 25 years, I have collected, studied, bred and raced our feathered friends and have been fortunate enough to develop my own Janssen-based family, a family which has to date produced more winners than I can count.

We don't just breed pigeons, we Race them. It is our mission to fly only the very best quality Janssen or Janssen Based homing pigeons in the world. It is our goal also to breed the very best Quality Janssen's that we can find. As you can see by our race record we have the best Race Records in the Northern Utah Combine over the past several years. Racing Pigeons for Sale Brand New for 2020 Young Birds Jan Hooymans/Vandenabeele: One side of the pedigree 100% Hoymans all inbred to the world famous Harry. The other side of the pedigree 100% Gaby Vandenabeele. Some of the Vandenbeele being direct Belgium Imports. Others bred by Louella, the absolute cream of this family.

K. & R. Janssen Racing Pigeons - Ede, Netherlands - Rated 4.3 based on 36 Reviews "Best blood line racing pigeon ever:-". Racing pigeon for sale from all the families we house; Leen Boers, Janssen, Van Loon, Van Geel Aarden, Wim Muller Aarden, Dennis Ford and Dai Evans. 60 to 700 miles. Fancy Pigeons $50 or less Satinette/Old Frill. Pedigreed Janssen Sale. Rare Colored Homers 4-Sale. Rare Colored Homers 4-Sale pg. 2. Proven Racers 4-Sale. JANSSEN RACING PIGEONS Coming Soon. Houben, Flor Engel, Koopman, Van Loon 4-Sale. Contact. Premeire SalePage. Sale Priced White/White Grizzle. Importing Pigeons. Loft Reduction 1. Loft.

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